Sponsoring in India

Dear All,

At the beginning of 2020, we announced that we would be sponsoring three primary school children in 2020/2021: Vadivarasan, Nithin and Azhaguselvan. Unfortunately, schools worldwide had to close due to the corona pandemic, including in India. The primary schools there even had to remain closed all year round and the children could no longer go to school. The schools partially reopened in the 2021/2022 school year, but there was a huge shortage of teaching staff, after all, they had to earn their money elsewhere the year before and had disappeared from school. Despite all good intentions, there was – and there will also be next school year – no capacity to give shape to the individual sponsoring of children. Parents and children have also left. That is why, in consultation with our contact person in India, we have agreed to sponsor the opening of a new study center for the children who are still attending the school. This study center will be opened near the school in question, and is open after school for vulnerable children who need extra explanation and support after school. One of the teachers will be available in the afternoon and evening for help and questions.

We maintain contact with our contact person in India and try to keep up with the needs there with our support.

In addition to the projects in India, we always keep our eyes and ears open for new projects to which we can contribute. Not only in distant countries where the Hilverda Group is active, but also in our own country, the number of people living in poverty is starting to increase and inequalities of opportunity arise in education. That is why we have recently started to focus on supporting underprivileged Dutch students, so that they can develop optimally. We will keep you informed about this. And if you have good ideas: they are always welcome. Fill in our contact form or send an e-mail to info@hilverdafoundation.nl