New colombian students!

Dear All,

We are very happy to share with you that we are supporting three new Colombian students from 2022! The 1-on-1 sponsorship that our foundation provides for young people involved in the Medellin Street Children Foundation quickly became very popular there. Other young people associated with the foundation in Medellin saw peers starting a study and asked if this would be possible for them too. In a short time many new young people talked to Sabine, our contact person in Medellin, about a study. She has asked us to financially support three additional students. They are now a proud group of eight students who can follow a study because of our support.

In this blog I will introduce our three new students to you.

Karina is 18 years old and has started her study psychology. She says she was initially very tense because she felt insecure around new people and she felt overwhelmed at university. Out of a great motivation to want to study, she persevered and says that things are getting better. She is getting to know more people and dares to open up a bit: ‘I learned that not all people are bad’. She still often feels emotional, but also supported by the foundation. She has good hopes for the coming years: ‘I know life isn’t always easy, but I can fight for it if I really want something’. 

Piter is 18 years old and studies technology software analysis and development. He says that he finds software extremely interesting and that he is very happy that he can now study now so that he can later work in this industry. His biggest challenge in his first semester was to work as a team with all the new people in his study because everyone has different ways of thinking and expressing themselves. In addition to the technical challenges, he also hopes to learn a lot in the field of communication during his studies.

Amilklar is 21 years old and has started studying civil engineering at Remington University Corporation. He already had work experience in the construction industry and is thrilled that he can now continue his career at a higher level. He has to travel long distances to the university every day, which means that he can hardly do other activities or get enough sleep, but he is happy to do so. He likes working with people and says he learns from every conversation. He proudly announces that he has already completed five courses with good results in his first semester and he is very motivated for the coming semesters!


Soon we will speak to our students via FaceTime, isn’t it great fun?!

See you soon, we’ll keep you posted!