The Netherlands

Stichting Studiezalen 

In the Netherlands, poverty is also growing, and with it inequality of opportunity. Therefore, since the start of 2023, we support six Dutch children every year (three children in primary education and three children in secondary education) in collaboration with Stichting Studiezalen, an organization that helps children learn and develop. We believe that every child deserves to be able to get the best out of themselves and to be given space and guidance to do so. The poverty these children face is not just about lack of money, it is also about poverty in vocabulary and experiences. These children are seen at the locations of Stichting Studiezalen and doors are opened to new worlds. In addition to a financial contribution, the Hilverda Foundation is therefore also working with Stichting Studiezalen on a substantive collaboration, in which we can introduce children to our family business and offer work experience places. Read more about Studiezalen at: