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Caring for street children and orphans in Kenya, India and Colombia

The Hilverda Foundation was established in 2009, with the aim of supporting street children and orphans in countries where the Royal Hilverda Group is active. We support small-scale educational projects. By helping underprivileged children complete an education, we put them in a position to find paid employment later and then support their own communities.

We support projects in Kenya, India and Colombia that focus on education. We only support small projects, so it’s always clear how our donations are spent.

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We’ve been focussing on projects in Kenya recently, where, for example, a number of orphans have had their secondary school and further education paid for. After a vulnerable start in life, these children have been able to complete courses in areas such as education, nursing, and marketing. They’re now ready for the labour market.

Funding was also provided to build dormitories at a secondary school which, aside from providing education, aims to promote peaceful coexistence among the three different tribes in the region. We will, of course, continue to care for sponsored children in Kenya. We’re also always looking for other small-scale projects that deserve our support.

RISE Trust, Migori, South-West Kenya

In Migori, we’re currently helping five orphans attend school. We’re in regular contact with Eunita Majiwa, who cares for and works with the children locally. The children live at her home, and with the donations she receives, these children can complete their primary and secondary school education and a further education of their choice.

This requires tuition fees (enrolment fee), as well as books, school uniforms, and sometimes accommodation if a college or university is a long distance from Migori. Eunita provides regular information on the progress of the children and young people, such as school reports and financial statements to account for the expenditures. Recently, during the COVID-19 crisis, our foundation made an additional donation so that books and computers could be purchased for home study.

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India and Colombia

We recently entered into partnerships with foundations in India and Colombia, so we can also provide financial support for children in these countries to go to school.

Sufficient financial resources are needed to keep these projects running, which is why, in addition to maintaining contact with the contact people around the projects already running, we’re also making efforts to recruit new sponsors.

Stichting Kindia Foundation, Tamil Nadu, South India

Through this foundation, we’re going to sponsor three children starting from the 2020/2021 school year: Vadivarasan, Nithin, and Azhaguselvan. They will attend the 11th and 12th standard for the next two years, after which they can continue their studies. Schools in India are still closed due to the pandemic, so unfortunately they can’t attend school yet. Further information will follow when the schools reopen. Our contact person for this foundation is Annemieke van den Broek, chair, who maintains close ties with the staff in South India. More information on this foundation’s projects can be found on their website www.kindia.nl.

Stichting Straatkinderen Medellin Foundation, Medellin, Colombia

Through this foundation, we’re sponsoring eight children (Stefania, Valentina, Cristian, Willinton, Piter, Josue, Karina and Amilklar) to attend school starting in December 2020. These children have been known to the foundation for some time, and have shown themselves to be motivated to follow education and extracurricular activities in recent years. Our contact person for this foundation is Sabine Bouwmeester, a local employee. More information on the great work of this foundation can be found at www.straatkinderenmedellin.com.

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