RISE Trust, Migori, Zuid-West Kenia

Since 2009, the Hilverda Foundation enabled several orphans in Kenya to follow their secondary and further education. After their vulnerable start in life, these children have been able to complete courses in education, nursing and marketing. They are now working and supporting their community.

In Migori we currently support eight orphans (Jared, Harizon, Jane, Esther, Jackline, Mercy, Irine, Okal) to attend school. There is regular contact with Eunita Majiwa, who takes care of the children on site and works with the children. The children live with her and with the donations she receives, these children can complete their primary and secondary school education and a further education of their choice. 

Not only does this require school fees (registration fees), but also books, school uniforms and sometimes accommodation if a college or university is further away from Migori. Eunita regularly provides information about the progress of the children and young people, such as school reports and financial statements to justify expenditure. During the corona crisis, our foundation recently made an additional donation for the purchase of books and computers for home study. 

Visitation Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary - Education Support Program, Kisumu, West-Kenia

With the help of this foundation, we have been supporting eight underprivileged children in following a school education since 2023. Most of them are orphans or have only one parent, meaning there is insufficient income to pay school fees in addition to food. Without exception, these children dream big and are extremely motivated to study. They want to become a doctor or nurse because they see a lot of illness around them and want to be able to help others later. They want to become teachers so that they can teach other children the skills they have now learned themselves. They want to become journalists or lawyers to help the plight of orphans in their country. They want to be able to create a better life for their own family than the one they grew up in. And contribute as much as possible to the well-being of their community. 

Our local contact person is Caroline Atieno, who accompanies the children and their families. She also regularly provides information about how the children are doing and their progress at school. More information about the foundation can be found at: 


Since January 2023, the Hilverda Foundation has been supporting a new student in Kenya: Faith! Faith is 16 years old and has had to change schools several times for various reasons. Her parents have died and she now lives with relatives, who also have other children to take care of and have insufficient financial means to send Faith to a suitable school. Because Faith is a bit shy, she has always needed a lot of time to get used to her new schools and this has put some pressure on her results. Nevertheless, she is very motivated to continue learning so that she can stand on her own two feet and take good care of herself. Because the Hilverda Foundation will support her financially in the coming years, she can hopefully continue her school career in peace in a stable situation at a school where she feels at home. We wish Faith a beautiful and carefree school time! 


Starting this school year (2023 – 2024), the Hilverda Foundation will support Cynthia! She grew up as an orphan and, through the N.G.O. Blessed Generation Kenya was able to complete her primary and secondary school. Her great wish was to go to university. With the help of the Hilverda Foundation, she has now been able to register for the courses ‘nursing’ and ‘clinical medicine’. She has now made a good start and we wish her the best of luck with her studies!

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