Stichting Kindia, Tamil Nadu, Zuid-India 

The Kindia Foundation is committed to create a better future for children in need in India, such as children growing up in extreme poverty, street children and children with a physical and/or mental disability. The Kindia Foundation provides financial and material assistance to a large number of children in South India, Tamil Nadu. One of the largest projects that Kinda supports is project JET. Through this project, young people learn to function independently in society, because they can follow education and receive support where necessary. Information is also provided and facilities have been created such as sanitary facilities, a play ground, a library and a fruit and vegetable garden.

Through project JET, the Hilverda Foundation has supported ten children in South India since 2023, three of whom are in primary school, five in secondary school and two in vocational training. In addition, in 2023 we made a financial contribution to a house for Mani, a former student with a physical disability, who had to live with his mother under very difficult circumstances in a dilapidated house that was not adapted to his disability. The expectation is that in 2024 they will be able to live together in a new, adapted house with plumbing and electricity.
Visit the website for more information about the ten children we support: