Since January 2023, the Hilverda Foundation has been supporting a new student in Kenya: Faith! We have come into contact with Faith’s relatives because they have written to us via our website. It’s nice to see that people know how to find us through this route.

Faith is 16 years old and has had to change schools several times for various reasons. Her parents have died and she now lives with relatives, who also have other children to take care of and have insufficient financial means to send Faith to a suitable school. Because Faith is a bit shy, she has always needed a lot of time to get used to her new schools and this has put some pressure on her results. Nevertheless, she is very motivated to continue learning so that she can stand on her own two feet and take good care of herself. Because the Hilverda Foundation will support her financially in the coming years, she can hopefully continue her school career in peace in a stable situation at a school where she feels at home. We wish Faith a beautiful and carefree school time!

The HilverdaFoundation continues to provide support to underprivileged children by helping them to complete an education. You can also contribute, every euro is welcome! Simply donate an amount of your choice via the “donate button” on our website.