Visitation Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Kenia

The Hilverda Foundation is pleased to announce that we will support the Visitation Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This organization is led by nuns who are committed to orphans and the local community, regardless of everyone’s religious background.

Since the 1980s, Kenya has been widely confronted with HIV/AIDS, resulting in more than 6.5 million children being orphaned. These children stay in orphanages or are housed with relatives. Often there is hardly any money for food, let alone education.

From now on we will financially support 8 children so that they can continue to go to school:

Victor: He comes from a poor family of 5 children. Because his father died, his mother is having a hard time. This has affected her health. Victor hopes to become a nurse so he can care for her and the community.

Movine: Comes from a family of 6 children. There is insufficient money to provide food for the entire family. Movine is very disciplined and was able to continue going to school because her teachers paid her tuition. She wants nothing more than to become a teacher when she grows up so she can pass on her skills to others.

Charles: Completed his primary school diploma. His father was murdered on his way home from work. A horrible event that left mother with 3 children. She does not have the resources to send him to further education. Charles remains positive and believes that hard work will pay off. He hopes to become an engineer in the future so he can help the community.

Michael: Michael was left with his grandmother since his parents’ divorce. He is convinced that you never win when you give up and is therefore very driven to make his dream of becoming a doctor come true.

Alfonse: Comes from a poor family of 4 children. Father is a shoemaker. Alfonse only attended primary education because there were no resources for him to continue his education. He wants to become a journalist or lawyer when he grows up so that he can dedicate himself to the plight of orphans in his country.

Henry: Henry has also only had primary education so far. He comes from a family of 6 children, his mother is infected with HIV and his father has great difficulty providing everyone with food. Henry would really like to start further education so that he will have the means to care for his sick mother later.

Brenda: Comes from a family of 8 children. She followed a technical course but had to stop because her parents could no longer pay the school fees. She would like nothing more than to complete this training so that she can later earn her own living as a technician.

Grace: Has lived with her grandmother since she was very young after her mother died. Grace is infected with HIV. Her father works as a watchmaker but does not earn enough money to pay her school fees. It is extra difficult for HIV infected children to receive education, not every school accepts these children. Despite this, Grace really wants to continue her studies so that she too can hopefully have a better future. 

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