New partnerships: Stichting Studiezalen en Stichting Kindia

Stichting Studiezalen

Since this year, the Hilverda Foundation has started a new partnership. We already support various projects in developing countries, but we believe that it is also good to support a Dutch foundation that fits our goal. The Hilverda Foundation wants to support projects in all countries where the Royal Hilverda Group is active, including in the Netherlands, as poverty is also growing in the Netherlands and the inequality of opportunity in education is increasing.

A few months ago we came into contact with Stichting Studiezalen, an organization that gives children the space to learn and develop. Because every child deserves to get the best out of themselves and to be given the space and guidance to do so. There are study rooms for primary and secondary school students, but also for MBO, HBO and WO students. The poverty that the children face is not only a lack of money, it is also a poverty of vocabulary and experiences. At the locations of Stichting Studiezalen, children are seen and doors are opened to new worlds. Read more at: and watch a short video via this link:

We have decided to support 3 children in Primary Education and 3 children in Secondary Education every year. In addition, we are discussing the possibilities for a substantive collaboration, about which we will keep you informed.

Stichting Kindia

Another new partner with whom we entered into a partnership in 2023 is the Kindia Foundation. This foundation is committed to a better future for street children and children with a physical and/or mental disability in India. Financial and material aid is provided to children in South India (Tamil Nadu). Young people are given the opportunity to follow an education and learn to function independently in society. The board of the Hilverda Foundation has decided to annually support nine children of different ages and in different phases of their school career. In the coming year we will support pupils in primary and secondary education and we intend to support students in the further future in following vocational training or university studies. Check out the website for more information about the children we support:

Social media

We are now also increasingly visible on social media, so keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to stay informed about the latest developments. You can of course always consult our website to read more about our (new) projects, for example.

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