Thank you!

The board of the Hilverda Foundation would like to thank everyone who has made a donation to our beautiful foundation in recent months/years. You have made it possible that underprivileged children now have a chance to study and therefore have a great chance of a job in the future. Because the Hilverda Foundation makes this possible with your help, we also see that the children we support are in turn very motivated to give something back to the community in which they live after their studies. This snowball effect is also an extra motivation for us to continue to work for these children. We would like to ask you again to make a donation in the near future, so that we can provide even more help to these very rewarding projects.

To donate

The HilverdaFoundation continues to provide continuous support to underprivileged children by helping them complete their education. You can also contribute, every euro is welcome! Simply donate an amount of your choice using the following link:

Would you like to make a one-off or periodic donation to the HilverdaFoundation? Using the link:, simply calculate what this gift will cost you net.

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