Three new Colombian students!

In 2024, the Hilverda Foundation will support three new Colombian students through the study and work program of the ‘Children of Medellin’ foundation. We would like to introduce them to you! 

Marco is 19 years old and lives with his mother, sister and niece. He has been involved with the ‘Children of Medellin’ foundation for five years, where he took English lessons. He is currently studying Industrial Electrical Engineering and is in the fourth semester. After completing his education, he would like to continue studying English and specializing in renewable energy. In addition to his studies, he does social work at ‘Children of Medellin’, within the reading and writing project. His dream is to complete his studies within five years and then be able to help his family. He is supported by the Hilverda Foundation because his mother is a single parent and it is not possible for her to cover transport costs and supplies for university.

Luna studies integrated quality management; environment, safety and health at work. She is active in social work within the ‘Children of Medellin’ foundation, where she helps a teacher with his English lessons. She writes to us that she is someone who has been through a lot and has few resources. She has been living in violence and her family has little money. Due to the difficult situation, her mother sells black pudding to survive. She started studying in January, but sometimes she had to walk to university because she had no money for transportation, and sometimes she was very hungry. Thanks to the help she is now receiving, everything is improving, but she has had a hard time. However, this does not stop her from doing her best. She wants to get ahead to help her mother and live a dignified life.

Juliana is 18 years old and describes herself as someone who works hard to achieve what she wants, someone who strives for success in everything she does. She is very dedicated to her studies to become a pharmacy assistant. She ended up at the ‘Children of Medellin’ foundation when she lived near the carom football field and saw that training was taking place. She approached them and asked about the football project, after which she could participate in the training sessions. One of her biggest dreams is to complete her studies, go to work and be able to give back some of everything her mother has done for her. She calls on the support of the Hilverda Foundation because her father has passed away and her mother is now a single parent and does not have much money to support her. In addition to her studies, she now also does social work at the foundation, with the Sub 16 and Sub 18, with coach David. She loves football and enjoys supporting the training sessions. This opportunity to do social work and study has changed her life: ‘I am overjoyed to be part of this process’.

We wish Marco, Juliana and Luna the best of luck with their studies and thank ‘Children of Medellin’ for the great collaboration!

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