Best wishes!

First of all, best wishes on behalf of the board of the Hilverda Foundation! We are really looking forward to a year in which we can once again support impactful projects in Kenya, India, Colombia and the Netherlands. Of course, we also hope for your contribution, so that even more young people can study and pursue their dreams in 2024. The young people the foundation helps also inspire other friends, family and acquaintances, so that their education benefits the entire community.

We ended 2023 with an extra Christmas gift to all our students. This surprise was greatly appreciated and made for extra happy holidays with family and friends. The campaign was an initiative of our board and was (partly) made possible by the foundations we work with.

Looking back, we are proud that in 2023 we were able to help no fewer than nine additional children and young people in Kenya return to primary school, secondary school and university. With this we already support a total of 18 children and young people in Kenya!

We would like to conclude with a (translated) quote from Amilklar, one of our students from Colombia, a country that is now in the news every day due to horrific violence:

“I would like to thank you for opening many doors by giving me the opportunity to work on my future professionally. Despite these difficult times with all the violence in my city, all that remains is to dream and continue, I am doing my best to make the best of myself.”

A quote that shows what we do it all for!

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